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teaching french pet names

6 Fun Ideas for Teaching French Pet Names

Are you teaching a French animals, or a French family unit to your French as a Second Language or FSL students? Teaching French pet names can be a fun addition to either of those units! French Pet Names: les animaux domestiques / les animaux de compagnie le chat – the

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what to teach french beginners for back to school

What to Teach French Beginners?

As Back to School season approaches, you may be wondering what to teach French beginners? Today I am sharing 5 types of activities for French class that work great during the Back to School season! 1) Numbers When you first start thinking about what to teach French beginners, numbers may

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french oral language activities for the french as a second language classroom

3 Fun French Oral Language Activities

Are you on the hunt for engaging and low prep French oral language activities? I don’t know about you but the last thing that I have time to do is prepare complicated oral language games. That’s why today I am sharing three of my favourite French oral language activities that

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the five best halloween songs for the core French classroom

The 5 Best French Halloween Songs

If you are a French as a Second Language teacher, then you will love incorporating these French Halloween songs into your FSL classroom! Ideas for Use: Play as a transition song while students enter or leave the room Analyze the lyrics of the song to help improve students’ vocabulary Listen

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kids love listening to music in the french as a second language classroom

The 10 BEST French Songs for FSL classes

Are you on the hunt to add some fun music to your French as a Second Language classroom? Today I am going to share with you my favourite ten French songs to use in the Upper Elementary core French classroom. I suggest using these songs throughout the year to review

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teaching French numbers to 100 in the FSL classroom

5 Fun Ways to Teach French Numbers to 100

Are you knee deep in your French numbers unit? Do you need some ideas to make practicing these 100 terms over and over again more engaging and fun? If yes, you are in the right place! Today I am going to share with you 5 fun ways to teach French

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