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teaching canadian geography blog post about canada's geographic regions

4 Fun Ideas for Teaching Canadian Geography

Are you on the hunt for ways to make teaching Canadian geography fun? Do you want your upper elementary students to love learning about Canada’s geographic regions? Providing students with memorable learning experiences is one way to make knowledge stick. I am a HUGE fan of making learning fun because

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Thanksgiving in the French as a Second Language Classroom

I absolutely LOVE celebrating holidays in my FSL classroom. Making the learning fun allows students to enjoy learning a second language and encourages them to continue this learning. Here are some ideas for celebrating L’Action de Grace in your French as a Second Language Classroom.  1) Receptive Language  I like

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collage of picture books about residential schools for the elementary classroom

The 5 Best Picture Books About Residential Schools

Here is a collection of the 5 must read picture books about Residential Schools. I have organized them in order of complexity. If this is the first time that your students have been introduced to Residential Schools, I suggest starting with book 1.  If you teach in Canada, you need

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best diverse back to school books for kids

10 Best Diverse Back to School Books for Kids

Are you on the hunt for some back to school books that your upper elementary students will love? Picture books are one of the most effective ways to build community and make EVERY student in your class feel welcome and as though they belong. In order to achieve this mission

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Reading Responses

Are you looking for a simple way to do reading responses in your Upper Elementary classroom? I love using this one page sheet! It’s super easy to use. Suggested Routines: Kiddos can use it with their independent reading books by stopping and jotting about the different topics as they read.

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Top 5 Books for your Classroom Chemistry Unit

Here are my top 5 books that you MUST include in your Classroom Chemistry unit!Under each description is an amazon affiliate link. That means that Amazon throws a few pennies my way if you purchase through this link 🙂 That helps me to keep my blog going! 1) Zoey and

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