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5 Tips for Teaching French as a Second Language (FSL)

Tip 1:  Remember that oral language is the MOST important component of ANY second language classroom. After all, most of your students will only use their basic French skills while traveling. Yes, some will take University level classes. However, the majority are counting on you for when they backpack across

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Thanksgiving in the French as a Second Language Classroom

I absolutely LOVE celebrating holidays in my FSL classroom. Making the learning fun allows students to enjoy learning a second language and encourages them to continue this learning. Here are some ideas for celebrating L’Action de Grace in your French as a Second Language Classroom.  1) Receptive Language  I like

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French Emotions

Launching Event: I start this unit by watching the movie “Inside Out”. This film serves as an excellent launch event for our unit on emotions as my students LOVE watching it. I play the film in French with English subtitles. We pause it every so often to recap the different

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