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how to print on sticky notes

How to Easily Print on Sticky Notes

One of my favourite Reader’s Workshop hacks is printing on post it notes! I love to print on sticky notes because they ensure that I always stay on track with my interactive read alouds and mini lessons as the post it notes can go directly into my mentor texts! Step

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what to teach french beginners for back to school

What to Teach French Beginners?

As Back to School season approaches, you may be wondering what to teach French beginners? Today I am sharing 5 types of activities for French class that work great during the Back to School season! 1) Numbers When you first start thinking about what to teach French beginners, numbers may

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5 best books for teaching character traits

The 5 Best Picture Books for Teaching Character Traits

Are you looking for engaging ways to teach your upper elementary students how to analyze character traits? My favourite way to do this is through picture books. Even your big kids will love listening to a story in order to practice reading skills. The Teaching Method: Choose a Book (I

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kids love listening to music in the french as a second language classroom

The 10 BEST French Songs for FSL classes

Are you on the hunt to add some fun music to your French as a Second Language classroom? Today I am going to share with you my favourite ten French songs to use in the Upper Elementary core French classroom. I suggest using these songs throughout the year to review

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kids playing game with god sportsmanship in the classroom

3 Easy Ideas for Teaching Sportsmanship in the Classroom

We have all been there…Teeeaaaacheeerrr…. he cheeeeaaaated! I truly think that one of the hardest parts of playing games in math class, in Physical Education and at recess is ensuring that your students show good sportsmanship. Here are 3 lesson ideas for teaching your students to be good sports in

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Maximizing Instructional Minutes

There are only so many minutes in a day. The key is making the most out of each and every second! Today I am going to give you 5 tips for maximizing your instructional time. Because at the end of the day, the more we maximize our time, the more

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