How to Easily Print on Sticky Notes

One of my favourite Reader’s Workshop hacks is printing on post it notes! I love to print on sticky notes because they ensure that I always stay on track with my interactive read alouds and mini lessons as the post it notes can go directly into my mentor texts!

Step 1: Print the Template

I have created a FREE template for you to use! Click HERE to download your copy.

how to print on sticky notes free template

Step 2: Decide Which Prompts to Print

All of my Interactive Read Aloud units include reading response prompts that are done for you! This makes it super easy to print and go. Alternatively, the FREEBIE that I made for you is editable so that you can create your own prompts to print.

Step 3: Put 3 x 3 Sticky Notes Onto the Template Page

I like to use a variety of fun colours!

how to print on sticky notes guide

Step 4: Put the Template Page Into Your Printer

This page needs to go in so that the sticky parts of the post it notes go in first. In my printer, I need to put the page in upside down. Your printer may work a bit differently so be sure to do a test page!

Step 5: Use Your Prompts!

Peel the sticky notes off of your template page and insert them into your mentor text! You are all ready to go.

print on sticky notes reading response

What Can I Use Printable Sticky Notes For?

  • reading response questions for mentor texts
  • positive notes to students or colleagues
  • reminders about field trips and special days
  • and so much more!

If you use my FREE Template, I would love for you to take a picture and tag me on Social Media!

Want to learn more about the benefits of Interactive Read aloud? Click HERE to read the post.

how to easily print on sticky notes

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