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the ultimate guide to teaching wetland ecosystems

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Wetland Ecosystems

Are you an upper elementary science teacher who ends the year with a unit on wetland ecosystems? If so, this blog post is for you! Here are my top 4 tips for launching a successful wetland ecosystems science unit. Start with Literature!  There are some amazing books out there about

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The Secret to Teaching Electricity Isn’t So Hard!

Teaching Electricity and Magnetism doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be super fun! (For both you and the kids! Don’t worry!) Note that this post contains Amazon links. They throw a few pennies my way if you purchase from my links 🙂 Step 1: Teach Basic Concepts

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Top 5 Books for your Classroom Chemistry Unit

Here are my top 5 books that you MUST include in your Classroom Chemistry unit!Under each description is an amazon affiliate link. That means that Amazon throws a few pennies my way if you purchase through this link 🙂 That helps me to keep my blog going! 1) Zoey and

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Classroom Chemistry – A Ghoulish Good Time!

Right now in Science, we are studying Classroom Chemistry. I wanted to incorporate a little bit of Halloween fun into our unit! Students LOVED the labs and I LOVED how much learning was happening! Here are some of the activities that we did: Separating Mixtures: First we watched these videos

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