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free acids and bases experiment

1 Free Acids and Bases Experiment

Are you teaching a classroom chemistry science unit this year? If so, then this FREE acids and bases experiment will be the perfect addition to your unit! Click HERE to have it sent straight to your inbox or keep reading for all of the details! Acids and Bases Experiment Materials: 

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5 best read alouds for earth day

The 5 Best Read Alouds for Earth Day

Are you searching for fantastic picture books that can be used as read alouds for Earth Day and beyond? Are you teaching a Waste and Our World Science Unit and need to teach students about concepts such as reusing, environmentalism, and natural resources? Then teacher bestie, this list is for

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electricity and magnetism science unit

Your Grade 5 Electricity and Magnetism Unit Made Easy

Teaching electricity and magnetism to kids can be a fun and exciting way to help them understand the fundamentals of physics. However, if this is your first time teaching these concepts, it can be a tricky unit to teach. After all, the fundamentals of physics are still PHYSICS! 1) Electricity

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5 picture books for kids about water and the water cycle, perfect for science class

5 Amazing Picture Books About Water

Are you about to dive into your Water Cycle unit in Science class? Here are the 5 sweetest books about water that are perfect for Upper Elementary classes. These books are great to use to introduce the Water Cycle, states of matter and properties of water to students. They also

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top 5 books about weather for kids

The Top 5 Books About Weather

Are you on the hunt for some awesome books about weather? Incorporating books into EVERY subject area is such a passion of mine. We often forget that big kids LOVE to be read to! Here are my top 5 books to incorporate into your unit on weather. 1) Groundhog Weather

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best 3 books about clouds

The 3 BEST Books About Clouds

Today I have 3 books about clouds to share with you. These would be perfect read alouds during your Weather unit! One book is a fiction story, the other is a nonfiction informational book, and the last is a wordless picture book! 1) A Story About Clouds : Cloudette Cloudette

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the ultimate guide to teaching wetland ecosystems

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Wetland Ecosystems

Are you an upper elementary science teacher who ends the year with a unit on wetland ecosystems? If so, this blog post is for you! Here are my top 4 tips for launching a successful wetland ecosystems science unit. Start with Literature!  There are some amazing books out there about

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Teaching About Wetlands in Alberta – The Top 5 Books

One of my favourite Science units is Wetlands in Alberta! I find that students love learning about ecosystems, adaptations, and food chains! That’s why I have collected the best 5 books that you can add to your Alberta’s Wetlands Science unit. If you teach grade 5 in Alberta, you need

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