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picture books to teach Canadian History

The 5 Best Picture Books to Teach Canadian History

Are you wanting to boost engagement in your Social Studies class? Try incorporating these 5 picture books to teach Canadian History! Your upper elementary students are sure to love these mentor texts and learn a ton of new information about Canadian History! You will notice that the books below represent

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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Canadian History

Canadian History is one of my favourite things to teach. I truly believe in the merit of teaching our youngsters about the past. However, I do believe that history units should be focused more on big ideas and less on memorizing specific dates or names.    Launching with Cross Curricular

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canadian history wordless picture books

The Best 3 Wordless Picture Books for Teaching Canadian History

I absolutely love incorporating literature into Social Studies classes! Here are three wordless picture books for teaching Canadian History that you can incorporate into your upper elementary classroom. Note: This post contains amazon affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through my links, amazon throws a few pennies my

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Canadian Geography Made Fun

Providing students with memorable learning experiences is one way to make the knowledge stick. I am a HUGE fan of making learning fun because I have seen time and time again that when something is fun, engagement is up and more students are able to demonstrate their understanding.  Geography is

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collage of picture books about residential schools for the elementary classroom

The 5 Best Picture Books About Residential Schools

Here is a collection of the 5 must read picture books about Residential Schools. I have organized them in order of complexity. If this is the first time that your students have been introduced to Residential Schools, I suggest starting with book 1.  If you teach in Canada, you need

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Using Picture Books to Introduce Students to Celebrations

One of my favourite aspects of Social Studies is introducing students to celebrations of various cultural groups. One of the BEST ways to introduce students to any concept, is through picture books! This blog post contains affiliate links which means that amazon throws a few cents my way if you

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