5 Amazing Picture Books About Water

Are you about to dive into your Water Cycle unit in Science class? Here are the 5 sweetest books about water that are perfect for Upper Elementary classes. These books are great to use to introduce the Water Cycle, states of matter and properties of water to students. They also make great mentor texts if you’re teaching informational writing and work well in a reading workshop setting.

If you click on the images below, you will be taken to the listing of each book on amazon. These are affiliate links which means that amazon gives me a few pennies if you purchase through my link 🙂

1) Let’s Investigate with Nate – The Water Cycle

Okay so this is seriously my new favourite science series! Let’s investigate with Nate incorporates interesting storytelling, engaging dialogue and scientific journals to create an engaging read aloud experience for students. PLUS… there is even a great experiment at the back of the book! This book goes into more detail than the others that I have highlighted. It includes vocabulary such as groundwater, estuary, subterranean river, and more! Perfect for your upper elementary students. You might want to choose another book from my list to read first, and then follow it up with this one.
let's investigate with Nate the water cycle book for teaching the water cycle
Concepts Covered:
  • the water cycle
  • precipitation
  • dams
  • air currents
  • and more!

2) All the Water in the World

This uniquely illustrated book is the perfect read aloud! It’s a super quick read and provides students with a very basic understanding of the idea that water doesn’t come, it goes around. This text also uses some very poetic language, such as “that rain that cascaded from the clouds”. You could easily incorporate it into your reading workshop!
all the water in the world book for teaching the water cycle
Concepts Covered:
  • the water cycle

3) You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Clean Water

This cute informational book is written in a way that will engage even your most reluctant readers! This would also be a great book to use when you study text features in reading. A variety of features are included such as timelines, photographs with captions, glossary, and more are included.

you wouldn't want to live without clean water book for teaching the water cycle
Concepts Covered:
  • The Water Cycle
  • Why We NEED Water
  • Water Consumption
  • Cleaning Dirty Water
  • Water in Developing Countries

4) Ice Boy

Ice boy is a precious story that would be amazing to incorporate into your study of the properties of water and states of matter! Ice boy is about a little ice cube that goes on a big adventure, and he completes the water cycle!

ice boy book for teaching the water cycle
Concepts Covered:
  • solids, liquids and gases
  • the water cycle

5) Did a Dinosaur Drink this Water?

The title of this book alone is enough to pull even your most reluctant scientists into this read aloud! This book talks about the water cycle in an easy to understand way. The illustrations in this book are really neat and some of the pages are even meant to be viewed vertically instead of horizontally.
did a dinosaur drink this water book for teaching the water cycle
Concepts Covered:
  • the water cycle
  • conserving water
  • why do we need water
There you have it, my top 5 books about water to include in your science unit! Have a sweet week and don’t forget to pin the image below for when you are ready to start planning your unit!
5 picture books about the water cycle for reading workshop or science class

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