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teaching french winter sports

3 Fun and Easy French Winter Sports Activities for Beginners

Are you wanting to teach your French as a Second Language students about French winter sports? Wanting to add some engaging and fun activities to your “My Health and Wellbeing” core French Unit? Keep reading to learn 3 ways to teach your beginning language learners important vocabulary terms this winter!

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4 tips for a meaningful orange shirt day in the elementary classroom

4 Tips for a Meaningful Orange Shirt Day

Orange Shirt Day is recognized on September 30 each year. In 2013, Phyllis Webstad, who attended a residential school in British Columbia, started Orange Shirt Day. On this day, Canadians wear orange shirts to demonstrate a commitment to reconciliation. It is the perfect day for discussing and learning about Canadian

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Valentine’s Day in the Upper Elementary Classroom!

It’s February… you know that that means! Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favourite activities that I hope you can use to celebrate in your upper elementary classroom! With our big kids, it can be fun to focus on kindness throughout the week of Valentine’s Day. One way to

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Word Nerds – A Book Study

I am on a mission to learn more about vocabulary instruction so I picked “Word Nerds” by Overturf, Montgomery and Smith. If you are also reading this book, I would love for you to comment with your ideas and what you have learned! Chapter 1: The authors of this book

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February Faves

It’s February… You know that that means! Valentine’s Day!Here are some of my favourite activities to celebrate in my Upper Elementary Classroom! This year I have a grade 4/5 class. Our focus throughout the week of Valentine’s Day is going to be spreading Random Acts of Kindness! I start by

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French as a Second Language – Teaching Colors

Teaching colours may seem very basic but it is incredibly important for students to learn! Once they know their colours, they can use this knowledge to build sentences, describe their physical traits, and play games! Here are some activities I use to teach my students their colours! Remember that once

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