kids playing game with god sportsmanship in the classroom

3 Easy Ideas for Teaching Sportsmanship in the Classroom

We have all been there…Teeeaaaacheeerrr…. he cheeeeaaaated! I truly think that one of the hardest parts of playing games in math class, in Physical Education and at recess is ensuring that your students show good sportsmanship. Here are 3 lesson ideas for teaching your students to be good sports in

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the ultimate guide to teaching wetland ecosystems

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Wetland Ecosystems

Are you an upper elementary science teacher who ends the year with a unit on wetland ecosystems? If so, this blog post is for you! Here are my top 4 tips for launching a successful wetland ecosystems science unit. Start with Literature!  There are some amazing books out there about

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The Benefits of Wordless Picture Books

  Wordless picture books are one of my favourite tools in the Language Arts classroom. Here are some of the benefits.  Building Confidence: Kids who struggle with word recognition and decoding can enjoy a story independently!  Developing Comprehension Skills: Reading wordless picture books requires making a TON of inferences which

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End of the Year in a Socially Distanced Classroom

WOW! This year has been crazy! The kiddos definitely deserve to have some fun but how can we do that in a safe way? Here are some ideas for a socially distanced end of the year celebration. Create Digital Memory Books This idea has the added bonus of being digital!

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5 Fun Ways to Use Jamboard

Jamboard is one of my favourite digital tools. I love it’s simplicity AND the post it note feature.  Here are five ways that you can incorporate Jamboard into your virtual or in person classroom.  Birthday Messages Students can add post it notes to this Jamboard in order to wish the

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