what do the other kids do during guided reading

What do the other kids do during Guided Reading?

The number one question that I get from teachers who want or need to incorporate guided reading into their classroom is what do the other kids do while I’m teaching a small group? This question is KEY to ensuring that you end up loving small group reading and continue to

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3 awesome back to school math activities

3 Free Back to School Math Activities

Are you on the hunt for some fun and engaging back to school math activities? Here are 3 fun math activities that your upper elementary students will love! 1) Math About Me This math worksheet is one of my favourite back to school math activities. Students will review their multiplication

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first day of grade 5 blog post

The Best First Day of Grade 5 Plans

Planning the first day of grade 5 can be a daunting task! Are you a brand new teacher, nervous about starting the school year on the right foot? Maybe you were trained in secondary or primary but you’ve been moved to grade 5? Or maybe you’re a super experienced teacher

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teaching geometric transformations blog post

4 Fun Activities for Teaching Geometric Transformations

1) Get Kids Moving! Students learn best by doing! Play a few quick games of Simon Says. BUT… ask students to complete geometric transformations with their bodies! Some examples to get you started include: Simon says translate your body two steps to the left. Simon says rotate your body 90

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teaching french pet names

6 Fun Ideas for Teaching French Pet Names

Are you teaching a French animals, or a French family unit to your French as a Second Language or FSL students? Teaching French pet names can be a fun addition to either of those units! French Pet Names: les animaux domestiques / les animaux de compagnie le chat – the

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how to print on sticky notes

How to Easily Print on Sticky Notes

One of my favourite Reader’s Workshop hacks is printing on post it notes! I love to print on sticky notes because they ensure that I always stay on track with my interactive read alouds and mini lessons as the post it notes can go directly into my mentor texts! Step

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what to teach french beginners for back to school

What to Teach French Beginners?

As Back to School season approaches, you may be wondering what to teach French beginners? Today I am sharing 5 types of activities for French class that work great during the Back to School season! 1) Numbers When you first start thinking about what to teach French beginners, numbers may

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