teaching figurative language in the upper elementary classroom

3 Fun Activities for Teaching Figurative Language

Are you an upper elementary teacher who needs new ideas for teaching figurative language? Then you’re in the right spot! Keep reading for 3 fun poetry ideas that you can use in your classroom tomorrow! 1) Interactive Read Aloud One of my favourite ways to have students practice identifying figurative

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fun festival du voyageur unit

3 Fun Activities For Your Festival du Voyageur Unit

Here are 3 super fun activities you can do during your Festival Du Voyageur unit: 1) Introduce the Festival du Voyageur Unit Put together a slideshow of photos from previous years of the festival. Have kids identify the different activities and foods that are offered at the festival. Want a

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canadian black history month videos for kids

The 3 Best Canadian Black History Videos for Kids

Are you on the hunt for some Canadian Black History Videos that you can use in your classroom? Whether you are looking for videos to launch your Black History Month activities or videos for your Canadian History Social Studies Unit, I’ve got you covered! Below you will find a list

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electricity and magnetism science unit

Your Grade 5 Electricity and Magnetism Unit Made Easy

Teaching electricity and magnetism to kids can be a fun and exciting way to help them understand the fundamentals of physics. However, if this is your first time teaching these concepts, it can be a tricky unit to teach. After all, the fundamentals of physics are still PHYSICS! 1) Electricity

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FSL teaching tips

Top 5 Magic Teaching Tips for the FSL Classroom

Are you teaching FSL (French as a Second Language) this year? If so, this blog post is for you! I know these tips will help ensure that French class is where your students want to be. Which is kind of like a magic trick? Right… 1) Build in Success Everyone

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3 fun and easy tips for teaching multi-digit multiplication

3 Fun and Easy Tips for Teaching Multi-Digit Multiplication

Are you dreading having to teach multi-digit multiplication? Do you wonder how you can teach students multi-digit multiplication when some still struggle with their basic facts? Then teacher friend, this blog post is for you! 1) Review Basic Facts Don’t skip this step! Trust me! Even if your students are

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3 awesome carnaval de quebec videos

3 Awesome Le Carnaval de Québec Videos

Do you need some engaging Carnaval de Québec videos for your French as a Second Language unit? I have got you covered! Here are three videos that I love incorporating into my FSL class! How Can I Use Carnaval de Québec Videos in my French as a Second Language Classroom?

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