The Top 5 Books About Weather

top 5 books about weather for kids

Are you on the hunt for some awesome books about weather? Incorporating books into EVERY subject area is such a passion of mine. We often forget that big kids LOVE to be read to! Here are my top 5 books to incorporate into your unit on weather.

5 best books about weather for upper elementary classes

1) Groundhog Weather School

top 5 books about weather for kids
This fictional story is funny and silly, but still full of facts about weather, the seasons, and shadows! Students will also learn a ton about groundhogs, making this the perfect Spring read aloud.

2) The Magic School Bus and The Climate Challenge

top 5 books about weather for kids
Ms. Frizzle’s class if putting on a play about climate change and needs to find some facts. This book includes easy to understand definitions to help your kiddos with their scientific vocabulary. There are also illustrated examples of the different effects of climate change, making a difficult concept easier to understand. Furthermore, there is an entire section on alternative sources of energy, which you can tie into your electricity science unit!

3) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

top 5 books about weather for kids
This delightful picture book is also a movie! (although I don’t like the movie very much) This is a great book to launch your weather unit because it is fun, silly and an enjoyable read aloud. You could have students write opinion pieces to go along with the book. “What would be the best food to fall down from the sky?” In the second half of the book, the people in the town have to leave because of the severe weather. The food is now coming down in storms! This ties in really nicely to the severe weather that our world is currently facing.

4) Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather

top 5 books about weather for kids
This amazing book debunks some traditional myths about weather. Your students will love hearing about the things that people thought caused weather in the past. Plus, they will learn what actually causes weather. Students will learn about hurricanes, predicting weather, climate change, and more.

5) Weather (National Geographic)

top 5 books about weather for kids
You may be asking, why are you including such a simple book in your list for upper elementary classes? Then answer… this book is PERFECT for your English Language Learners! Read this as a small group before beginning your unit and you will be doing them a huge favour.

There you have it, the BEST books about weather for your upper elementary Science unit! Don’t forget to pin the image below for when you are ready to come back and plan your unit.

5 best books about weather for upper elementary classes

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