The 3 BEST Books About Clouds

Today I have 3 books about clouds to share with you. These would be perfect read alouds during your Weather unit! One book is a fiction story, the other is a nonfiction informational book, and the last is a wordless picture book!

the 3 best books about clouds for upper elementary science and reading classes

1) A Story About Clouds : Cloudette

Cloudette is a precious story about a cloud who thinks that she is too small. She wants to make a difference like the other clouds, but doesn’t feel like she can. Then one day, she finds herself a frog in need and uses her “cloud powers” to help the frog. This story is a great read aloud as it incorporates idioms and scientific vocabulary into a fun and meaningful story.

2) A Nonfiction Informational Book About Clouds : How does a Cloud Become a Thunderstorm?

This informational book is a great read aloud to model the skills necessary to understand a nonfiction book. There is a glossary included with TONS of important vocabulary terms. Furthermore, there are connections to both Social Studies AND your electricity unit in this book! Click HERE to check it out.

3) Wordless Picture Book : Sector 7

In this beautifully illustrated book, a little boy goes to Sector 7, where the clouds are formed. Since this book has no words, it is perfect for making inferences. Your students will LOVE creating the text to go along with this book! Best of all, there is even scientific vocabulary included!
So there you have it, 3 VERY DIFFERENT books for your unit on Clouds! Be sure to pin the image below so that you can come back to this post when you are ready to start planning your unit!

the 3 best books about clouds for upper elementary science and reading classes

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