3 Free Back to School Math Activities

Are you on the hunt for some fun and engaging back to school math activities? Here are 3 fun math activities that your upper elementary students will love!

1) Math About Me

This math worksheet is one of my favourite back to school math activities. Students will review their multiplication and division basic facts in order to complete this activity. You can grab it for FREE by clicking HERE.

math about me - a free math back to school activity

2) Digital Escape Room

There are a ton of digital escape rooms that work well as back to school math activities. I love to start the year with this grade 4 review escape room! It reviews every math concept that students learned the year before!

Another option is to use this FREE Escape From Mars Basic Facts Digital Escape Room which you can find by clicking HERE.

free basic facts digital escape room

3) SKUNK Probability Game

This is a fun probability game that students will be BEGGING to play throughout the year!

skunk math game

Here’s how the game works:

  • The teacher rolls two dice.
  • Students multiply the two numbers together.
  • Students write the product under the “S” on their whiteboard.
  • The teacher continues to roll two dice and students continue to record the products of those numbers under the “S” on their whiteboards until a one is rolled.
  • After each roll, students must decide whether to try for more points on the next roll or to be out and save their points.
  • If at any point, the teacher rolls a 1, any students who are “still in” the game lose all of their points from that round.
  • If at any point snake eyes are rolled, any students who are “still in” the game lose all of their points from the entire game so far.
  • To be “out” of the round and save their points, students must put a cap on their whiteboard marker (if they are playing with mini whiteboards).
  • After a one is rolled, students move on to recording their products under the “K” column.
  • Play continues like this until all 5 columns/rounds are complete.
  • The student with the most points wins.

Not only is this a great game for practicing multiplication facts, but it is also fantastic for practicing addition because students need to add all of their products together.

So there you have it, three awesome Back to School Math activities for grade 4, 5 or 6 classes. Want even more FREE math ideas? Check out this blog post, 3 Free Ideas to Help Your Students Master Their Multiplication Facts.

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