Thanksgiving in the French as a Second Language Classroom

Thanksgiving in the french as a second language fsl classroom l'action de grace
I absolutely LOVE celebrating holidays in my FSL classroom. Making the learning fun allows students to enjoy learning a second language and encourages them to continue this learning. Here are some ideas for celebrating L’Action de Grace in your French as a Second Language Classroom. 

1) Receptive Language 

I like this Caillou episode. Yes, this show is designed for a younger audience but I have never had upper elementary students complain about watching a 7 minute video! Plus it’s amazing receptive language practice and great for their inferring skills. 

2) Written Language

Students are so used to going, going, going that it is nice to stop, pause and remember all of the things that we have to be thankful for. You can have students practice all of their French vocabulary by asking them to brainstorm things that they are thankful for such as foods, family members, sports, etc. If you want these reflections to become a beautiful display, click HERE to check out my FSL Thanksgiving lapbooks on TPT! 
thanksgiving in the french as a second language fsl classroom

3) Oral Language

I LOVE incorporating oral language practice whenever possible. During Thanksgiving, I ask students to create acrostic poems to describe what they are thankful for. The template for these poems can be found in my Thanksgiving lapbook here. Then students practice reading their poems to a variety of partners and finally to me. I simply walk around with my clip board while students are working independently on another activity. I ask each student to read me their poem aloud and mark them right then and there! Super easy and it prevents me from taking work home! It’s a win win.
I hope that this post provided you with some ideas that you will use in your FSL class this Thanksgiving!  

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