Reading Responses

Are you looking for a simple way to do reading responses in your Upper Elementary classroom? I love using this one page sheet! It’s super easy to use.

Suggested Routines:

Kiddos can use it with their independent reading books by stopping and jotting about the different topics as they read.

You can use it as a whole class assessment by reading aloud from a grade level picture book and stopping to ask four different questions. Students answer the questions in the boxes provided.

Super Easy Prep:

The best part is that using this sheet requires so little prep work from the teacher! You could print them on cardstock, laminate and have students use whiteboard markers to respond. Or you could even make each kiddo a small booklet of sheets so that they always have one when needed.

Why Will This Help MY Teaching?

Assessing reading comprehension is way harder to do than assessing decoding because it is an internalized process that we as the teacher can’t see. This form is just one way to help you see your students’ thinking and help you move your instruction forward.

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