French Emotions

Launching Event:

I start this unit by watching the movie “Inside Out”. This film serves as an excellent launch event for our unit on emotions as my students LOVE watching it. I play the film in French with English subtitles. We pause it every so often to recap the different emotions that we have been introduced to.


PowerPoint Presentation:

I introduce new vocabulary to students using a PowerPoint presentation. I created this short presentation to introduce my students to both the feminine and masculine versions of French emotions vocabulary. If you are interested, you can grab it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here. 
french emotions for fsl grade 6 alberta

Digital Activities:

There is something about digital activities that kids find so engaging! I transform simple worksheets into digital activities. The kiddos are so motivated to practice and I love that they are focused and engaged. 
french emotions for fsl grade 6 alberta

Oral Practice With Gestures:

During our French Calendar Time, my students and I take turns asking each other “Comment ça va?” I use the AIM gestures for this practice session. If you haven’t heard of AIM before, it is definitely worth a Google Search! 
At the beginning of the year, when I ask “Comment ça va?” students respond with “ça va bien” or “ça va mal”. 
As the year continues, student responses become more complex and incorporate many of the different emotions that we have learned.


One way to assess students’ understanding of French emotions is during an activity such as musical conversations. Have students ask each other how they are feeling and listen carefully to their responses. 
A second awesome assessment for this unit is a quick Google Quiz. I love assigning quizzes through Google because they are SELF MARKING! Say hello to 0 time spent grading. 
I hope that these ideas help you to prepare for your French Emotions Unit.
Be sure to pin the image below so that you can easily find these tips each year!

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