French as a Second Language FSL Year Plan

I get a ton of questions about how to organize your year in FSL 5. The truth is that there is no one right or wrong way. However, today I am going to share a year plan with you that I hope will work as a starting point for your year. 
1) The Year Plan
Click HERE to access a copy of the Alberta FSL 5 Year Plan in Google Sheets. 
alberta fsl 5 year plan for french as a second language

2) Common Questions

1) What are the numbers next to the months? 

The numbers next to the months indicate how many school weeks are typically in that month due to holidays. 

2) Why is June only review and catch up?

June is reserved for review and catch up because it is such a crazy month filled with assemblies, field trips and end of the year fun. This makes it super hard to fit in typical FSL lessons. 

3) What do the different colours mean?

Each colour represents a different unit from the Alberta program of studies. 
Note that there is no “introductory unit” in the Alberta program of studies but I add one because I feel as though taking time to get classroom management routines in place and getting to know students as kids helps to create a smooth year of French learning!
Do you have any more questions about FSL 5? Send me a DM on instagram and let me know! 
Are you a FSL teacher in Alberta looking for a simple, free french as a second language year plan? If you teach grade 5 FSL, this plan is for you. A must have freebie for 5th grade French teachers.

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