3 Easy Tips for Teaching French Easter Vocabulary Terms

Are you ready for a fun and engaging French as a Second Language unit this spring? Teach your FSL students French Easter Vocabulary terms and all about the holiday called Pâques.

1) Introducing Students to French Easter Vocabulary Terms

Since I teach in a non-religious school, I choose to teach only non-religious French Easter vocabulary terms to students.

Here is a list of the French Easter Vocabulary terms that I choose to teach students.

  • Pâques
  • un panier de Pâques
  • la chasse aux oeufs
  • le lapin de Pâques
  • un poussin
  • une marguerite
  • un oeuf de Pâques
  • les bonbons haricots
  • les oeufs en chocolat
  • décorer les oeufs
  • les fleurs

There are many ways that you can introduce these Pâques vocabulary terms to your core French students. My favourite method involves showing a Google Slides TM presentation to students. We go through the presentation several times. Students practice saying the vocabulary terms using a variety of silly voices such as opera and rap.

google slides presentation for teaching french easter vocabulary terms

Don’t have time to create your own slide deck? Click HERE to grab mine.

2) Practicing French Easter Vocabulary Terms

I would argue that this is the MOST important part of ANY French as a Second Language unit. Our FSL students need a TON of practice. Here are some of my favourite ways to provide practice opportunities to students.

Digital Activities

Digital activities are like worksheets on steroids. For some reason when you add moveable pieces, kids are instantly engaged and begging for more!

digital activities for practicing french easter vocabulary terms

Printable Worksheets

I am usually NOT a huge fan of worksheets. Mostly because I feel like when all you do is French worksheets, kids hate coming to French class. BUT… worksheets do have a place in the FSL classroom. I like to be sure to provide students with a huge variety of worksheet activities and we never do worksheets two days in a row.

free french easter colour by number activity

I have a fun FREE colour-by-number activity for you! Click HERE to have it sent straight to your inbox.

Egg Decorating Project and Oral Presentation

I love to have students decorate Easter Eggs every spring. Trust me, even your coolest upper elementary kiddo still LOVES to decorate Easter eggs. After students are done decorating, I have them write three sentences about their Easter Egg. Then they present their egg and their sentences to the class. Of course students have access to a TON of scaffolds in order to make this activity a success for everyone. Students can use sentence stems, a word bank, etc.

project for teaching french easter vocabulary terms

Dice Game

It’s no secret that students love playing games! This one is always popular because kiddos love dice!

dice game for teaching french easter vocabulary terms

3) Assessing French Easter Vocabulary Terms

Now that your FSL students have had a ton of practice with French Easter vocabulary terms, it’s time to assess their understanding.

If you chose to do the Egg Decorating and Oral Presentation that I mentioned above, don’t forget that you can use that AS AN ASSESSMENT! That’s why I always fill out a rubric while kiddos are presenting.

Another way to assess the French Easter vocabulary terms that students have learned is with a quick quiz. I don’t know about you but I don’t exactly have a ton of free time to fill up with marking endless French quizzes. That’s why I love to use digital quizzes in my French as a Second Language classroom. They’re self marking so they save me a TON of time!

self marking digital quiz for assessing french easter vocabulary terms

There you have it, three key steps to a successful French Easter Vocabulary Unit! Want to grab all of the activities that I mentioned above, click HERE to check out the unit on TPT and don’t forget to download your FREE colour by number activity.

PS. Need ideas for teaching other French holidays? Check out THIS blog post all about teaching Valentine’s Day in the French classroom.

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