3 Fun Activities For Your Festival du Voyageur Unit

Here are 3 super fun activities you can do during your Festival Du Voyageur unit:

1) Introduce the Festival du Voyageur Unit

Put together a slideshow of photos from previous years of the festival. Have kids identify the different activities and foods that are offered at the festival. Want a slideshow that’s already done for you? Click HERE to grab mine.

2) Play Festival du Voyageur Games

It’s no secret that students love to play games in French class. Some of my favourite games for a Festival du Voyageur unit include:

3) Make a Model of a Traditional Voyageur Canoe

Have kids research the different materials and tools that the Voyageurs and Indigenous peoples of Canada used to make canoes. They can then design and assemble their own canoe models. This activity is best completed in small groups of 3 students so that they can collaborate and bounce ideas off of each other.

Want more teaching ideas for your Festival du Voyageur unit? Check out THIS blog post. Need a unit that is done for you and ready to use? Check out THIS bundle on TPT.

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