3 Fun and Easy French Winter Sports Activities for Beginners

Are you wanting to teach your French as a Second Language students about French winter sports? Wanting to add some engaging and fun activities to your “My Health and Wellbeing” core French Unit? Keep reading to learn 3 ways to teach your beginning language learners important vocabulary terms this winter!

1) Incorporate Music

It is no secret that I love to use music in the second language classroom. Students LOVE music and playing a song works as an awesome transition tool. I encourage you to try playing a French song as students enter your room. For example, you might tell them that they need to be seated with their materials by the time the song is over!

Here are some of my favourite French Winter Songs. They aren’t specifically about sports but they do mention common winter activities such as skating and sledding!

2) Play a French Winter Sports Game

I love to incorporate dice into my second language classroom because they are inexpensive and add instant engagement to any lesson. Get your copy of this FREE French winter sports vocabulary game by clicking HERE.

free french winter sports dice game for the french as a second language classroom

3) Practice French Winter Sports vocabulary terms!

There are one million different ways that you can practice French winter sports vocabulary terms with your French as a Second Language students. I love to use a combination of printable and digital activities to increase engagement.

Click on the images below to check out the activities for yourself!

french winter sports fun vocabulary game for the second language classroom
french winter sports vocabulary presentation on google slides with audio

There you have it! 3 great ways to practice French Winter Sports vocabulary terms this winter! Looking for more fun winter activities for the FSL classroom? Be sure to check out this blog post on Le Carnaval de Québec!

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