3 Easy Remembrance Day Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

Did you just check your calendar in a panic, realizing that November is here and you need some Remembrance Day Activities ASAP? Don’t worry teacher friend, I’ve got your back.

1) Over the Top Game from the Canadian War Museum

This FREE digital Remembrance Day activity is so cool! It’s a choose your own adventure game where students make decisions to see if they would have survived the first world war. Best of all, the text can be read aloud to students! Talk about an amazing differentiation opportunity. Your upper elementary students will be super engaged by this online game.

remembrance day activities for the upper elementary classroom - over the top virtual choose your own adventure game from the Canadian war museum

2) Read Aloud

In my mind, some of the most powerful Remembrance Day activities involve reading picture books! There are several beautiful books out there to choose from. My personal favourite is A Bear In War I even found a free video version that you could share with students! Click HERE to check it out. 

remembrance day activities for the upper elementary classroom - read aloud a bear in war

Need some more picture book recommendations? Check out this blog post all about the best picture books for teaching Canadian History!

3) French Mini Unit

Some of my favourite Remembrance Day activities are in this French bundle! Students will love learning the French vocabulary terms necessary to talk about and write about Remembrance Day.

remembrance day activities - french vocabulary presentation for fsl and core french

The unit starts with a vocabulary presentation that includes audio! Next students will complete digital activities to cement their learning. Finally, they will show what they know on a digital quiz. I love digital quizzes because there is NO MARKING for the teacher! Talk about a win!!!

remembrance day activities - french vocabulary digital activities for fsl and core french

I hope that these 3 Remembrance Day Activities make your teacher life a bit easier and help your students to understand the meaning behind Remembrance Day.

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