3 Awesome Le Carnaval de Québec Videos

Do you need some engaging Carnaval de Québec videos for your French as a Second Language unit? I have got you covered! Here are three videos that I love incorporating into my FSL class!

How Can I Use Carnaval de Québec Videos in my French as a Second Language Classroom?

My le Carnaval de Québec unit is one of my all-time favourite FSL activities! However, it can be super tricky for students to visualize this festival. That is why videos are so helpful during this unit.

I suggest playing a variety of videos and asking students to record fun activities or events that take place at Le Carnaval de Québec. Need a recording sheet? Click HERE to have one emailed straight to your inbox!

carnaval de quebec video recording sheet

1) Carnaval de Québec Video 1

I love this video because it’s short and sweet! The host walks you through a bunch of amazing activities that take place during le Carnaval de Québec.

Note that she does talk about mulled wine at around the 2-minute mark but it’s super brief and in my experience doesn’t faze students. However, you could always skip over that part!

2) Carnaval de Québec Video 2

This video is all in French! If you teach French as a Second Language like me, I suggest using the closed captioning tool and then choosing auto-translate to English. That way students can read the translation to help them understand the video.

3) Carnaval de Québec Video 3

This is the official Carnaval de Québec video. It’s always fun for students to see the huge variety of activities available at this French winter carnival.

So there you have it, 3 awesome videos that you can use during your Carnaval de Québec French unit.

Don’t forget to click HERE to grab your FREE recording sheet.

Looking for more teaching ideas for your Carnaval de Québec FSL unit? Click HERE to read my blog post about planning the perfect unit.

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