3 Fun and Easy Tips for Teaching Multi-Digit Multiplication

Are you dreading having to teach multi-digit multiplication? Do you wonder how you can teach students multi-digit multiplication when some still struggle with their basic facts? Then teacher friend, this blog post is for you!

1) Review Basic Facts

Don’t skip this step! Trust me!

Even if your students are supposed to have their basic facts memorized by the time they get to you, don’t assume that has happened.

I like to start right back at the beginning with a review of what multiplication is. This video is a fun way to review.

I follow this up with an in-depth study of basic multiplication facts. Taking a week or so to review these concepts will pay off in the long run. Unless you somehow got the super brilliant class where no one struggles with math. Then just skip this 😂.

Need a fun basic facts review activity? Click HERE to have my Escape from Mars Digital Breakout Room sent to your email!

basic facts digital escape room

2) Teach Students a Variety of Multi-Digit Multiplication Strategies

Teaching students a variety of strategies is important because you never know which strategy will “click” for kids.

My personal favourite strategy is the box method. It’s a partial product strategy that has given the kiddos in my classes so many lightbulb moments over the years! I love how it’s an effective strategy AND helps students to develop a conceptual understanding of multi-digit multiplication.

I made a quick video to show you how this strategy works. Click HERE to check it out.

box method for multi-digit multiplication

I do feel as though teaching the traditional algorithm is also worthwhile. But it is never the first strategy that I teach because it doesn’t really require any conceptual understanding of multiplication.

3) Practice with Games and Fun Activities

Students need a TON of practice with multi-digit multiplication. This is NOT the type of unit where they can solve a few problems and be done. This means that you need to build in a ton of practice.

One way that I love to have students practice multi-digit multiplication is with this fun digital escape room. It has an escape the zoo theme and kiddos get a kick out of it each and every year!

mult-digit multiplication digital escape room game

So there you have it, three tips for teaching multi-digit multiplication. Do you need more ideas for reviewing basic facts? Check out THIS blog post.

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