Using PowerPoint Presentations to Introduce Vocabulary in a Distance Learning or Hybrid Environment

It is no secret that I LOVE to introduce new vocabulary to students using PowerPoint presentations! I love that they can see a picture, hear the correct pronunciation and that we can all practice the words together. 

With Covid-19, we are having to come up with new ways to deliver this same great instruction. Here are some tips. 

  1. Use a screen recording program like Screencastify or Screencastomatic to record a video of the PowerPoint presentation. You can easily post this video in your Google Classroom. Simply let the presentation run with the audio or even record your own voice! 

  2. Use a program like FlipGrid to encourage students to practice their new vocabulary terms. I love to post assignments like “After watching this week’s presentation, create a flip grid video. Choose 5 new terms. Say each term and then what it means in English.” This is a great formative assessment even if you are in the classroom! 

  3. Upload the PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides and share with students in Google Classroom. Note, this option will NOT upload the audio. However, it is a great way to share the slides with students so that they can more easily take notes and learn the terms. 

I hope that these tips will help you to leverage PowerPoint presentations in your digital classroom!

Three Tips for Using Powerpoint Presentations to Introduce Vocabulary in Distance Learning and Hybrid Model Core French Classrooms!

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