The 5 Best French Halloween Songs

french halloween songs for the french as a second language classroom

If you are a French as a Second Language teacher, then you will love incorporating these French Halloween songs into your FSL classroom!

Ideas for Use:

  • Play as a transition song while students enter or leave the room
  • Analyze the lyrics of the song to help improve students’ vocabulary
  • Listen and sing along
  • Have students create small dances to accompany the songs that demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary being used
  • play the songs as background music for your French Halloween party!

French Halloween Songs:

  1. C’est l’halloween by Matt Maxwell

2) La Chanson des Squelettes by Babelzone

3) Le Rock de la Sorcière

4) Pour Faire une Soupe by Babelzone

5) Ca C’est halloween

This one is a little bit creepy! Be sure to watch it before showing it to your students. In my experience, it’s the creepiness that makes upper elementary students love this song!

So there you have it! My top 5 French Halloween Songs for the FSL classroom. Be sure to pin the image below so that you can find these videos when you need them!


Looking for some more awesome songs for the FSL classroom? Check out THIS blog post!

the 5 best french halloween songs for the french as a second language classroom

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