4 Fun Activities for Teaching Geometric Transformations

1) Get Kids Moving!

Students learn best by doing! Play a few quick games of Simon Says. BUT… ask students to complete geometric transformations with their bodies! Some examples to get you started include:

  • Simon says translate your body two steps to the left.
  • Simon says rotate your body 90 degrees
teaching geometric transformations by getting kids moving

Alternatively, you can ask students to complete geometric transformations with small items on their desks. This option works best if students have also drawn a + shape on their desks, using a whiteboard marker. That way they can complete reflections!

2) Geometric Transformations Digital Escape Room

I feel strongly that digital escape rooms are the best review activity ever! That’s because they require very little prep, no marking and students enjoy them so much.

I love to give the team who finishes first a small candy as a prize.

teaching geometric transformations with a digital escape room

Are you new to digital escape rooms? Want to try one out for free? Click HERE to get a copy of my Escape from Mars basic facts game sent straight to your inbox!

3) Incorporate Music!

teaching geometric transformations with music

Click HERE to check out the NumberRock Geometric Transformations song on Youtube! Kiddos LOVE it!

4) Design a Snack Shack – Review of Geometric Transformations

This Math project reviews a ton of different geometry skills! Where do translations, reflections and rotations come in? Students design their own logos by completing flips, slides and turns.

teaching geometric transformations with project based learning

Looking for some more fun math ideas? Check out this blog post that highlights the 5 BEST Math books for the upper elementary classroom!

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