4 Fun Activities for Teaching Quadrilaterals in the Math Classroom

Are you on the hunt for some fun activities to help you teach your quadrilaterals math unit? Don’t worry teacher bestie, I’ve got your back! Keep reading for engaging quadrilateral teaching ideas.

1) Quadrilaterals Digital Escape Room

This Digital Escape Room has a fun “Catch the Monkey” theme that students LOVE! They will use moveable and interactive elements in order to demonstrate their ability to identify and sort quadrilaterals to break out of this digital escape room.

This fun, engaging, low-prep activity is perfect for reviewing your properties of quadrilaterals unit! Kids will have fun while reviewing geometry concepts. They will also practice important skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving.

quadrilaterals digital escape room

Don’t believe me when I tell you that your students are going to LOVE this activity? Click HERE to try one of my digital escape rooms for FREE! I will send my basic facts digital escape room straight to your inbox!

multiplication facts digital escape room

2) Art Project

Another fun way to review your quadrilaterals math unit is by asking students to create an art project. Students trace parallelograms, rectangles, squares, rhombus, and trapezoids onto construction paper and then cut them out. It is then their job to turn the quadrilaterals into a piece of art. Sometimes students make robots, landscapes, and mermaids, the options are endless!

Don’t have quadrilaterals tracers, try giving students blocks to trace or ask them to make their own! Remind students to include a variety of sizes in their projects.

quadrilaterals art project

3) Design a Snack Shack Project Based Learning Activity

This grade 5 math project provides students with the opportunity to design their own snack shack! In this project, students use a collection of clues to identify the correct quadrilateral. They will also review concepts such as perimeter, area, capacity, volume, data collection, double bar graphs, and transformations. 

quadrilaterals snack shack

4) Classifying Quadrilaterals BOOM Cards

This deck of 30 digital task cards asks students to show what they know about parallelograms, rectangles, squares, rhombus, and trapezoids. They get immediate feedback so students know if they are on the right track or not.

quadrilaterals boom cards

So there you have it, 4 fun activities that you can add to your quadrilaterals math unit to boost engagement and student learning.

Want to learn more about teaching geometry? Click HERE to read my blog post all about teaching Geometric Transformations.

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