3 Easy and Low Prep Multiplication Review Activities

Are you on the hunt for some simple and low prep multiplication review activities? Don’t worry teacher bestie… you’re in the right spot! I’ve got your back.

1) Multiplication Review Digital Escape Room

One of my all-time favourite ways to review a multi-digit multiplication unit is by having students complete a multiplication escape room. THIS digital escape room can be assigned in minutes and requires NO MARKING! Sit back, relax, and watch your students enjoy being challenged by math problems.

escape room multiplication review activity

Don’t believe me? Click HERE to have a Basic Facts Multiplication Escape Room sent to your inbox for FREE! Seriously… try it out with your students and I know you’ll be hooked!

2) Multiplication Word Problem Extravaganza!

Another of my favourite multiplication review activities is a multiplication word problem extravaganza! Start by asking each student to write out a multi-digit multiplication word problem. You can scaffold for students by providing them with some examples from previous textbook problems if needed.

Once students have drafted their word problems, it’s time to write out a good copy on an index card or small piece of paper.

Next, students all place their index cards in the middle of the classroom in a pile. Each student goes to the middle of the room, takes a card back to their spot, and solves for the answer. Then they put the card back in the middle of the room and take another. The goal is to solve as many of the problems as possible before the time is up.

One tip is to be sure that students know how to solve their own problems! Sometimes kiddos get super creative and create something that isn’t really solvable.

3) Multiplication Videos

Students can really solidify their understanding of multi-digit multiplication by creating a multiplication video. In this video, they need to present their problem and show the viewer at least two different strategies that can be used to solve it. These videos can then be shared with parents and you can even use them as an assessment!

multiplication review activity student making video

So there you have it, three multi-digit multiplication review activities that you can use tomorrow! Want to learn more about teaching multiplication in the upper elementary classroom? Click to read about 3 FUN AND EASY TIPS FOR TEACHING MULTI-DIGIT MULTIPLICATION.

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