4 FREE French Halloween Activities for your French as a Second Language Classroom

What’s the best way to have a ghoulishly good time in your French as a Second Language classroom this October? By learning about Halloween of course!

Keep reading for 3 FREE French Halloween Activities ideas that you can use this October in your French as a Second Language Classroom!

1) Would You Rather – Free French Halloween Game

This FREE French Halloween oral language game will get your students talking! Kids must decide which Halloween scenario they prefer. For instance, they may need to choose between picking a costume and carving a pumpkin. Or they may need to choose between candy and chocolate.

french would you rather free Halloween game for the FSL classroom

Not only does this fun game get kids speaking in French, but it also provides an awesome opportunity for them to practice their Halloween vocabulary terms!

You can grab this game for FREE in my TPT store. Click HERE to check it out!

2) French Halloween Colour by Number

These fun print & go activities will be a great addition to your October French as a Second Language lesson plans! Simply print and let your kiddos practice their French colours and numbers. Talk about a win!

Click HERE to grab your FREE French Halloween Colour By Number activities.

free french Halloween colour by number activity

3) C’est l’Halloween – The Classic Song

Year after year, C’est l’Halloween by Matt Maxwell is a student favourite. In fact, there have been years where students have requested that I play this song in JUNE LOL!

Want some more French Halloween songs? Click HERE to check out my list of the 5 Best French Halloween Songs!

4) Charades!

This game is always a winner! Simply rip a sheet of scrap paper into smaller pieces. Then write French Halloween vocabulary terms on the slips of paper.

french Halloween charades game for the fsl classroom

One student will come up to the front of the room and secretly choose a piece of paper. They must act out the vocabulary term that is on their sheet of paper. The first person to guess correctly gets a point. You can even play in teams.

So there you have it, four FREE French Halloween activities for your second language classroom!

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