5 Ways To Make The End of the Year in a Socially Distanced Classroom More Fun!

Here are some ideas to make the end of the year in a socially distanced classroom as fun as possible! The kiddos definitely deserve to have some fun but how can we do that in a safe way? I’ve got you covered.

Create Digital Memory Books

This idea has the added bonus of being digital! That means that if you are sent home to isolate due to Covid, or if you have kids who are absent, you can still do this activity! Students LOVE completing these memory books with information about themselves, their friends, your classroom and more. They are also a great opportunity for students to showcase all of the learning that they did this year around using Google Slides.

end of the year in a socially distanced classroom memory book


Fun Drawing Game

For this game, each student will need a paper plate (or a mini whiteboard) and a marker. Students will follow the directions below, drawing everything with their plate on top of their head! The kids will get a kick out of seeing everyone’s designs at the end.

  • Draw a line for the grass.

  • Draw a large tree on top of the grass. Add leaves if you want.

  • Add a bird sitting on top of your tree.

  • Add one daisy next to the tree.

  • Add a sun in the sky.

2 points if your tree touches the grass

1 point if your bird is touching the tree

1 point if your bird is above the tree

1 point if your daisy touches the grass

1 point if your sun is above the tree

1 point if your sun doesn’t touch the tree

1 point if your daisy doesn’t touch the tree

Not only is this a super fun activity for the end of the year in a socially distanced classroom, but it is also insanely low prep! Which is a win-win in my book!

Card Castle Challenge

Upper Elementary Students LOVE the challenge of making card castles. In pre-Covd times, I would put students into teams. However, now I suggest giving each student their own deck of cards to build with. You might want to show them some pictures of card castles in advance, or you might not. Be sure to give them a time limit (15 minutes works nicely.)

The Key to Success

Transitioning from one classroom to another can be a tricky process for a lot of kids. Help to make it easier by asking students to reflect on what their key to success is. What will they need to continue doing next year in order to be successful. The best part is that these keys make a super cute bulletin board display!

end of the year in a socially distanced classroom activities


Teach the Teacher

Teach the teacher is a fun way for students to become experts! Kids choose one topic or concept that they are passionate about to teach the whole class. They get a set amount of time to do their lesson in class. This works really well if you spread the lessons out over the last two weeks of school. Students can choose to teach about anything that they like. They may choose to teach the class how to do origami, code with Scratch coding, how to do long division, etc.

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Don’t forget to pin the image below so that you can come back to it when you are trying to survive the end of the year in a socially distanced classroom!

End of the year activities for the socially distanced classroom! The end of the school year is fast approaching! This blog post is filled with ideas that you can use to make your upper elementary year end celebration safe and fun. Included are 5 ways to celebrate the end of the school year, even with social distancing. These ideas for school parties will be loved by your grade 4 and grade 5 students. Your 4th and 5th grade students will love these virtual and in person activities.
PS. If you need more ideas for teaching in a socially distanced classroom, check out THIS BLOG POST!

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