10 Reasons you should use BOOM cards in the Upper Elementary Classroom

Why Should You Use Boom Cards in the Upper Elementary Classroom?

  1. Save Time

BOOM Cards are a huge time saver for teachers. They require no prep and no grading! Talk about working smarter and not harder!

  1. Kids Love Them

BOOM Cards are engaging and interactive which is why our big kids love them.

  1. Flexible

You can assign BOOM cards for distance learning, use them as a literacy or math station, play them as a whole group activity or assign them to individual students as a worksheet replacement. You can even play them in a Google Meet or Zoom call by sharing your screen. Talk about endless possibilities. 

  1. Paperless

Not only is this great for the environment but it also means no cutting, laminating or colour ink needed!

  1. Immediate Feedback

These task cards are self checking. If students make a mistake, they get an opportunity to fix it. This ensures that students don’t spend 20 minutes practicing a skill incorrectly. 

  1. Differentiation Made Easy!

You can easily differentiate by assigning different decks to different kids. 

  1. Easy to Assign

Easily assign BOOM cards through the BOOM learning platform, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Seesaw and MORE!


When you purchase a Basic membership, you can track data which allows you to see student progress. 

  1. Versatile

The cards work on any device that can access the internet! This means that the cards are great for playing at school but also at home. 

  1. AMAZING Learning Opportunities

There are literally BOOM cards out there for every concept you could possibly imagine! I have some in my store for a Science Weather Unit, Math Practice, and even Vocabulary! Click HERE to check them out!

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to try BOOM cards for yourself!

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