Classroom Management During Digital Escape Rooms

The key to being successful with digital escape rooms is making them work for your group of students. Here are 3 things to consider as you plan to use a digital escape room. 

Consideration 1

Will you allow students to work independently or in groups? I HIGHLY suggest providing students with some choice in this area. I usually say: “You can choose whether you would like to work with a partner or not, but I will choose all partnerships.” In this manner, as the teacher, you have control over the partnerships. Plus, a kid can’t just say that they want to work by themselves because they don’t like their partner. 

Consideration 2

How familiar are students with Google Slides and Google Forms? It is a great idea to do an introduction to Google Slides BEFORE completing a digital escape room. That way, students will know and understand the basics of the platform ahead of time. This will greatly reduce any technical issues that students have. 

Consideration 3

What will students do if they don’t understand a question? Digital Escape Rooms are tricky on purpose and I highly suggest reminding your students of this before starting. It is important to have a procedure that students follow if they need help. This encourages more independence!

One possible procedure could be that in order to get help with a question, the student must be able to summarize it in their own words. That way, you know that they have critically read the problem ahead of time.

A second possible procedure is the “3 before me” classic. However, depending on the how competitive your students are, this one might not work super well.

I suggest walking around the room with the answer key so that you always have the answer at your finger tips!

Are you looking to add more digital escape rooms to your year? Check them out here!

3 classroom management tips for using digital escape rooms in the upper elementary classroom

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