Top 3 Wordless Picture Books for your Canadian History Unit

I absolutely love incorporating literature into Social Studies classes! Here are three wordless picture books that you can use to teach Canadian History. 

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  1. Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad by Henry Cole

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a young farm girl who finds a runaway slave hiding in her barn. Students must make many inferences in order to fully understand this book with themes of courage and compassion. It is a wonderful introduction to the Underground Railroad.

  1. The Arrival by Shaun Tan

This book is much longer than the others. It has several different sections or chapters. The Arrival tells an immigration story and is a wonderful way to introduce immigration as well as push and pull factors to students. 

  1. Mirror by Jeannie Baker

In this wordless picture book, students are asked to compare and contrast the lives of children from two different countries and cultures. One child is from Australia and the other is from Morocco. This story provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss identity. 

A possible extension project is to have students create their own version of the book, comparing and contrasting their life in Canada to the life of a Canadian in the past, or even to the life of someone in another country.

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This blog post includes the best wordless picture books for teaching Canadian History. Students will learn about the Underground Railroad, Immigration and Identity through these wordless picture books activities and lessons. Plus get a free digital reading response activity that can be used as a check in with any wordless picture book. Students will practice making inferences and reading workshop. Wordless picture books are great for inferring! Perfect for Alberta Grade 5 Social Studies Classes

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