3 Easy Ideas for Teaching Sportsmanship in the Classroom

teaching sportsmanship in the classroom

We have all been there…
Teeeaaaacheeerrr…. he cheeeeaaaated! I truly think that one of the hardest parts of playing games in math class, in Physical Education and at recess is ensuring that your students show good sportsmanship. Here are 3 lesson ideas for teaching your students to be good sports in school… and BEYOND!

Teaching Sportsmanship Step 1:

Introduce the Concept in a Fun and Engaging Way

I like to start teaching sportsmanship by watching this great Disney Short Film. It perfectly illustrates what it means to be a good sport! Plus it is hilarious. 
After watching the 5 minute video above, have a class discussion about what sportsmanship looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Teaching Sportsmanship Step 2:

Show a ton of examples!

The next activity involves looking for real life occurrences of exceptional sportsmanship. Here are some links to videos that you can watch with students. Watch one of these a day. Then, throughout the year if someone has forgotten what good sportsmanship looks like, you might watch a few more just to refresh their minds!




Teaching Sportsmanship Step 3:

Create Posters that Highlight Inspirational Sportsmanship Quotes

Your can use a great digital tool called Canva to create beautiful and inspirational posters! The great thing about Canva is that if you are a Google School, your students can simply click on the “sign up with google” button! No remembering additional passwords, no giving out email addresses. It’s as easy as that!
Step 1: Ask students to research famous sportsmanship quotes.
Step 2: Have each student choose the quote that they want to work with. 
Step 3: Have students go to the Canva website and login with Google.
Step 4: Select the poster design. 
Step 5: Students search Google Images for a picture that they can use in their poster. I really emphasize the idea that they are looking for something that represents their sportsmanship quote. Then once the images are saved, they click “uploads” and “upload your own images”.  
Step 6: Students add their chosen quote to the poster. Then you can save these posters as PDF documents, print and display in your classroom! 
I hope that you enjoy using these ideas for teaching about sportsmanship in your classroom! Be sure to pin the image below so that you can come back to this post when you need it!


3 Strategies to Teach Sportsmanship in the Upper Elementary Classroom

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