The 5 Best St. Patrick’s Day Activities for the French as a Second Language Classroom

Why should we teach core French students about St. Patrick’s Day? Because students love learning about holidays and celebrations in core French class. Focusing on these special occasions, like St. Patrick’s Day, is just one way that we as FSL teachers can help our upper elementary students to love learning a second language.

Here are a few fun activities that you can do in your French as a Second Language Classroom to incorporate some March fun around St. Patrick’s Day.

1) A Fun Introduction

This video is a great introduction to St. Patrick’s Day. The only issue that I have with it is that he does talk for quite some time about his Patreon account and merchandise store. I suggest just fast forwarding through that information if you are showing it to your class.

Monsieur Steve does talk fairly quickly and is absolutely a fluent French speaker. This means that most of our core French students won’t understand every word that he says. However, that’s ok! It’s great for them to be exposed to the language. You can always pause as needed to clarify.

2) Learn Some Vocabulary

St. Patrick's Day French vocabulary presentation

It is really important for students to have an opportunity to learn and practice vocabulary terms associated with le Jour de la Saint – Patrick. A PowerPoint presentation allows them to acquire these new vocabulary terms in a low-stress environment. You can go as slowly as students need!

If you don’t have time to make your own presentation, you can check out mine by clicking HERE.

3) Play LOTO

What kid doesn’t like Bingo? Playing a game of LOTO is a quick and easy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the French as a Second Language Classroom. I highly suggest playing LOTO AFTER introducing the vocabulary to students. This way they will have the knowledge that they need in order to be successful.

You can also scaffold a game of LOTO so that kids of all abilities can enjoy. During the first round of the game, show all of the image cards under the document camera as you say the word slowly at least 3 times. During the second round, say the word slowly once, then show the card under the document camera and say it one final time. During the final round, you may consider not showing the images at all.

4) Digital Activities

Digital activities are like a traditional worksheet on steroids! What I love about incorporating digital activities into the French as a Second Language Classroom is that is GREATLY reduces the amount of photocopying that I have to do! Not only does this save trees but it also saves me a ton of time. Students type and drag moveable pieces to practice vocabulary terms associated with le Jour de la Saint Patrick.

5) Freeze Dance!

What kid doesn’t love to get their wiggles out? This awesome video is a fun brain break for your FSL class with a St. Patrick’s Day theme!

There you have it! 5 fun ways that you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your French as a Second Language Classroom. Be sure to pin the image below so that you can find this post again next year.

st patrick's day in the french as a second language classroom

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