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If you’re anything like me, you have been walking around this year on egg shells. Afraid to plan too far ahead for fear that your situation will change. So far this year I have taught from school AND online! Being able to quickly transition to online teaching due to positive Covid 19 cases has been a huge challenge.
I have created this FREE Digital picture book study to help you navigate these uncertain times. I wanted you to have an easy to use resource that you can keep in your back pocket until you need it. Best of all, if you don’t end up needing to go online this year, this activity makes a great supply teacher Language Arts plan!
Digital Picture Book studies are perfect for your Upper Elementary Classroom! Your big kids will be able to navigate them independently and fully demonstrate their understanding of tricky reading strategies.
The FREE Digital Picture Book Study that I am sharing with you today accompanies a delightful book called “Swashby and the Sea” by Beth Ferry. I was originally drawn to this book because I am always looking to add picture books with diverse characters to my classroom library. I knew that this book was a winner after reading 2 pages! It is whimsical but has a very important theme and a ton of author’s craft.
swashby and the sea book
I have even included this title in my blog post all about teaching character traits. Click HERE to check it out!
After sharing the Google Slides with students through Google Classroom or Google Drive, students will be able to work independently through the questions. There is a link to a virtual read aloud of this story included in the slides. Each reading response slide also has a little time mark on it so that students know when they need to pause the story to answer the question.
Your big kids will practice making inferences, analyzing author’s craft, understanding tricky vocabulary, analyzing characters and much more!
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Have a sweet week!
free digital picture book study for upper elementary reading classes

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