February Faves

It’s February… You know that that means! Valentine’s Day!
Here are some of my favourite activities to celebrate in my Upper Elementary Classroom!

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom

This year I have a grade 4/5 class. Our focus throughout the week of Valentine’s Day is going to be spreading Random Acts of Kindness!

I start by having students brainstorm all of the different things that they could do for people in the school that would be kind. Then they each pick one to write on their Random Act of Kindness Card. All of the cards go into a basket.  Click here to grab the FREE cards!

Each morning, I draw a Random Act of Kindness from their suggestions and students have until the end of the day to complete the challenge.

Here are some of the ideas that my students have come up with in the past:

  • Make a Thank You card for the custodian
  • Ask someone new to play with you at recess
  • Say “good morning” or “hello” to every teacher today
Fun Valentine's Day Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom
Usually students end up suggesting that we do something nice for our buddy class. This is where my “Once I was a Heart” book comes in handy!
We head down to the Kindergarten room with red construction paper, scissors, glue photocopies and smiles 🙂 
My students then work with their buddies to help them create their “Once I was a Heart Books“. The great part about these books is that once they have been assembled, they can continue to read them together for the rest of the year during reading buddies time!  
Fun Valentine's Day Activities for the Upper Elementary Classroom
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