5 Fun Activities for Teaching Comparing and Ordering Fractions

When you hear pizza and baking, which math unit comes to mind? If it’s comparing and ordering fractions, then we’re totally on the same wave length! I generally LOVE pizza and baking. However, a lot of kiddos don’t love fractions. That’s why today I am sharing five fun activities that you can add to your comparing and ordering fractions unit.

teaching comparing and ordering fractions

1) Introduce Students to a Variety of Strategies

With a concept as tricky as comparing and ordering fractions, kids need to be exposed to a variety of strategies they can use to solve problems.

I suggest introducing students to one new strategy each day. Then giving them a TON of practice opportunities so that they can test the strategy out and see if it works for them.

Here is the anchor chart that I use when introducing new comparing and ordering fractions strategies. You can get a FREE copy of this chart sent to your inbox by clicking HERE!

comparing and ordering fractions anchor chart

2) Practice with BOOM Cards

When students are first learning a new math concept, immediate and specific feedback is crucial! That’s why I love to use BOOM cards in my math classroom. These digital, self checking task cards give kids that speedy feedback that they need! Plus I love that this is an alternative to working in a workbook or on a worksheet. After all, sometimes we need to change things up a bit!

You can click to check out my comparing and ordering fractions BOOM cards.

comparing and ordering fractions boom cards

3) Incorporate Digital Activities

Digital Activities are essentially worksheets on steroids. I love using them because kiddos are SO much more motivated by a digital activity than a traditional worksheet. I created this fun set of problems that have a pizza theme so that students could practice comparing and ordering fractions. Click HERE to check it out!

comparing and ordering fractions pizza digital activity

4) Problem Solving!

Problem solving is such an integral part of any math unit. I like to start each class with one word problem. This gives kiddos a ton of good practice.

Remember to let your students solve word problems on individual whiteboards! They are often so much more willing to try new strategies and step outside of their comfort zones if they know that they can easily wipe away their mistakes. Plus… who doesn’t love a fun pink marker?

Here are some comparing and ordering fractions word problems that you might consider incorporating into your unit:

comparing and ordering fractions word problem
comparing and ordering fractions problem solving

5) Review with a Digital Escape Room

Virtual Breakout Rooms are seriously so much fun! Best of all, they require kids to use problem solving skills and critical thinking in order to complete the challenges. 

But if we’re being honest, my favourite part about digital escape rooms is that they require almost no prep and literally zero marking! This makes them a fantastic activity for weeks that are super busy because you can get some work done while the kids enjoy their math challenge.

This Comparing and Ordering Fractions Digital Escape Room has a fun pizza theme. Your kiddos will literally be cheering that it’s time for math! 

comparing and ordering fractions digital escape room

So there you have it, 5 great activities that you can use when teaching your upper elementary math students about comparing and ordering fractions.

Want to learn more about teaching equivalent fractions? Check out that blog post by clicking HERE!

comparing and ordering fractions activities for the upper elementary classroom

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