5 MUST HAVE Picture Books for Teaching Canadian Geography

The 5 Best books for teaching Canadian Geography - Carson Crosses Canada, My Canada, Goodnight Canada, A Canadian Year, I am Canada
It is no secret that I LOVE teaching Canadian geography. My passion as a teacher is to take things that I found boring as a kid and make them super engaging and fun! AND… anyone who knows me knows that I am all about incorporating meaningful literature into the classroom in order to create cross curricular connections.
So today I am combining these two passions to bring you my Top 5 picture books for teaching Canadian geography.
One way that I love to bring engagement into my Social Studies classroom is through picture books. Big kids LOVE picture books and I love the fact that they provide content in a way that ALL students can understand and access.
With that said, here are my top 5 picture books to add to your Canadian Geography Social Studies unit!

1) My Canada an Illustrated Atlas

Great book for teaching Canadian Geography in Upper Elementary Classroom
I can’t possibly be the only person who HATES using traditional atlases in the classroom. I find them so hard to navigate for kiddos, the font is usually impossibly small and the kids struggle to use them independently (even after the mini-lesson…)
Enter My Canada an Illustrated Atlas. This is the only atlas that kiddos find easy to use. In fact, they will gravitate towards it because it is so much fun to look at!
I wouldn’t use this book as a read aloud but rather as a resource text that students can reference for research purposes.


2) Goodnight Canada

Great book for teaching Canadian Geography in Upper Elementary Classroom

This precious book says “Goodnight” to a ton of different major Canadian cities. Students will learn about local landforms and tourist sights. I love how this book provides an amazing picture of how diverse the different regions of Canada are.

I enjoy reading this book with kiddos so much that I created an entire Interactive Read Aloud unit to accompany it.

Goodnight Canada Read Aloud Unit for the Upper Elementary Calssroom


3) Carson Crosses Canada

a great picture book for teaching Canadian Geography in the upper elementary classroom

This is a precious story about Annie Magruder and her dog, Carson, who live in British Columbia. They set off on a road trip to Newfoundland and experience all that Canada has to offer on the way.

In Carson Crosses Canada, Students will enjoy seeing the vast open spaces and grasshoppers of Saskatchewan as well as the red dirt and lobster rolls of PEI! If you are using my Travel Canada resource with your students, this book makes an awesome launching activity!

Learn About Canada's Geographical Regions with this fun and engaging unit!


4) I Am Canada

a great picture book for teaching Canadian Geography in the upper elementary classroom

This book is so incredibly unique. It includes artwork from 13 Canadian illustrators! Each page is a celebration and reminds students of the variety that is Canada. Your students will recognize the illustrations of various Canadian illustrators as you read the book. This makes it even more exciting!

I am Canada is a great tool for analyzing symbols of Canadian identity. Tired of coming up with your own comprehension questions and activities for read aloud time? Check out my Interactive Read Aloud unit for this book on TPT.

I am Canada Interactive Read Aloud Unit for the Social Studies Classroom


5) A Canadian Year: 12 Months in the Life of Canada’s Kids

Picture books for teaching Canadian Geography in the Upper Elementary Classroom

This clever picture book takes you through a year in the life of Canada’s kids. This book can easily be tied to geography by discussing where certain activities (like snowshoeing) are possible. I also love how this book highlights the diversity that makes our country so great.

There you have it, my top 5 picture books for teaching Canadian geography. Whether you use these books to introduce your unit, as a fun cross curricular tie in, or as an end of the unit wrap up, they are sure to be a hit with your students.

Are you on the hunt for more awesome Canadian Geography activities and ideas? Check out this blog post all about making Canadian Geography more fun!

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