The 3 Best Canadian Black History Videos for Kids

Are you on the hunt for some Canadian Black History Videos that you can use in your classroom? Whether you are looking for videos to launch your Black History Month activities or videos for your Canadian History Social Studies Unit, I’ve got you covered!

Below you will find a list of my three favourite Canadian Black History videos. Need a recording sheet so that students can document their learning? Click HERE to have mine sent to your inbox for FREE!

free canadian black history month recording sheet

1) Canadian Black History Videos: Rap Battle Black Canadian History

This video would make a killer introduction to your Black History unit! The hosts do a great job of introducing students to several influential Black Canadians in a short song.

This would also be a great video to watch if you are wanting students to complete a famous Black Canadian research project and want to inspire them a bit beforehand.

Viola Desmond is one of the famous Black Canadians mentioned in this video. You can learn more about her with my Interactive Read Aloud unit by clicking HERE. There is also an entire kid-friendly biography of Viola Desmond included in my Canadian Black History Biography product. Check it out for yourself by clicking HERE.

2) Black History Month: Exploring the past and future of February’s annual celebration

This is one of my favourite Canadian Black History Videos. It talks about the following questions and so much more!

  • So when did Black History Month begin? Why? And where do people think it’s heading in the future?

I especially love how the host interviews prominent Black Canadians about their current research and activism.

3) Proud of our History – Black History Month

This 1-minute video is a great way to introduce kids to the stories of Black Canadians who helped shape the country. It profiles several key figures in Canadian Black history and provides an overview of the contributions they made.

So there you have it, 3 awesome Canadian Black History Month videos for kids. Want to delve deeper into studying Canadian Black History? Check out THIS Biography Unit!

Want to extend the learning with books about Canadian Black History? Click HERE to read my blog post filled with recommendations.

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