Using Would You Rather Slides in ANY French as a Second Language Classroom

Providing students with opportunities for oral language practice is key in any FSL classroom. Today I am going to outline some different strategies that you can use to get your second language kiddos talking and getting to know each other using my French Would You Rather Slides! Best of all, I will provide you with ways that you can use these slides in a socially distanced, virtual and “normal” classroom! 

No matter your classroom situation, I highly suggest having students state their preference aloud so that they get oral language practice. If using the musical chairs version of the activity (see below), oral language practice is built right in! If not, you might choose to ask students to state their preferences in small groups chorally or use popsicle sticks and choose a few students to state their preferences each time that you play.


  1. Play a round or two of “musical would you rather”. The game is played just like musical chairs. Start some French music (I love the French Disney songs on Youtube.). As the music plays, students walk or dance around the room. When the music stops, students need to find a partner. They must choose a new partner each round. Display a “tu préfères” question on the SMART board (or other projector system). Each partner takes a turn answering the question and when finished the pair sits down. Also, be sure to figure out in advance if you will need to allow groups of 3 based on how many kiddos are in your class that day. 

  2. Play a whole class movement game with the slides. Show a “tu préfères” slide on the SMART board. Next to each option is a number 1 or a number 2. Designate each side of your classroom as either side 1 or side 2. When you say “aller” students walk or dance to the side of the room that corresponds with what they prefer. 

Socially Distanced:    

  1. Use the slides as a whole group activity with mini whiteboards. Display a “tu préfères” question on the SMART board. Next to each option is a number one or a number two. Students write the number of their choice on their board. You can take a tally and see which choice is more popular for your class. 

  2. Another version of this whole group activity is to use movements instead of mini whiteboards. For instance, anyone who prefers option one can pat their head and anyone who prefers option two can snap their fingers. 

  3. A final variation of this activity is to simply have students hold up 1 finger if they prefer option one and 2 fingers if they prefer option two. 


FlipGrid Sharing: 

  • Note – you need to have a FlipGrid account in order to use this method with students. 

  • First, make a copy of the Google Slides and then delete any slides that you don’t want to use on that day. 

  • Create a new topic in FlipGrid. Attach the Google Slides as a Google File. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the slide that you want to share that day and attach as an image. 

  • Students will read the slide and then create a short 30 second video of them stating in French which option they prefer. 

Google Classroom Sharing:

  • Create a Google Document that has a table with each student’s name in it. 

  • Create a new assignment. Be sure to attach the new Google Doc as well as the Would you Rather Google Slides.

  • Students write their preference in French next to their name in the table. 

Live Meeting Sharing:

  • You can also use these Google Slides as a fun activity during a Google Meet or Zoom meeting.

  • Simply pull up the Google Slides and share your screen with students. Then students can show 1 finger if they prefer option one and 2 fingers if they prefer option two. You can also choose some volunteers to state their preferences aloud. 

As you can see, these core French Google Slides are perfect for any classroom situation! Be sure to click here so that you can add them to your cart on TPT <3

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