6 Easy Steps for Teaching Multiplication

1) Start With Music

I ALWAYS suggest starting any multiplication unit with music. In fact, I always start EVERY math lesson, all year long with a multiplication song. My absolute favourite is the Numberock Multiples of 8 song. It is super catchy and the 8 times tables are often tricky for students to master.

song for teaching multiplication basic facts


2) Basic Facts

It is important to start any Multiplication unit by providing students with an opportunity to review their basic facts.


One terrific way for students to practice their basic facts is through problem-solving. I love incorporating literature into my Math block. Pigeon Math is a beautiful book that works wonderfully as a jumping-off point for students to create their own word problems. Your Mathematicians can create their own picture books with single-digit multiplication problems. Check out this FREE activity in my TPT shop by clicking HERE. 


Another basic facts activity that I love to incorporate into my upper elementary math classroom is this FREE escape from Mars digital escape room. Students get a ton of practice and the activity doesn’t require any prep or marking! A Win-Win! Click on the image below to get your FREE copy!

3) Reference Tools


After reviewing basic facts, there will still be some facts that are super tricky for students to master. For these facts, I like to put up cute posters. That way, students will see these facts throughout the day and start committing them to memory. You can get a FREE set of posters HERE!


No matter how much you practice, there will always be some students who need a reference tool in order to complete multi-digit multiplication problems. A desk plate is an awesome tool because students can discreetly check their facts and still show an understanding of multi-digit multiplication. Click HERE to check out my Multiplication Reference tool on TPT. 


4) Box Method

Before introducing students to the traditional algorithm, I like to start with the Box or Area method. I love this method because it introduces students to partial products and helps multi-digit multiplication to make sense! I have created this short video for you to show you how this method works. Click HERE to check it out.


5) Traditional Multiplication Algorithm

Another awesome song for this unit is the NumberRock Multidigit Multiplication song. This song walks students through the steps of the traditional algorithm. Talk about catchy! Click HERE to give it a listen.


6) Practice, Practice, Practice


Since kiddos need a TON of practice with multiplication, I love to provide them with a digital escape room. This makes the review so much fun and way less repetitive! Click HERE to check out this fun Zoo themed Multiplication Escape Room. 


Are you new to digital escape rooms? Check out my posts about them here!


There you have it, everything that you need to know about teaching your next math unit! Be sure to pin this post so that you can come back to it throughout your unit.

Have a sweet week.


This blog post is full of activities, videos, word problems and free printable charts for teaching multiplication. There are ideas for teaching basic multiplication facts as well as two digit multiplication. Perfect for upper elementary math teachers. Links to songs that big kids love as well as a virtual escape room to review multi digi multiplication concepts. This blog post is for teachers looking to understand how to teach multiplication. These fun and easy activities will be a hit with!

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