5 Fun Ways to Use Jamboard

Jamboard is one of my favourite digital tools. I love it’s simplicity AND the post it note feature. 

Here are five ways that you can incorporate Jamboard into your virtual or in person classroom. 

  1. Birthday Messages

Students can add post it notes to this Jamboard in order to wish the birthday child a happy day! They might even include a nice compliment. 

  1. Jot Lot

Students can add their exit slip, reading response, etc. to this jot lot. Assigning each student a number makes it super easy to see whose response is whose. 

  1. Research Projects

Jamboard is an amazing tool for research projects! Students can put a different subtopic or research question on each tile of the Jamboard. Then they can put the information that they find on post it notes. The post it notes help kids to succinctly summarize information because there is a limited amount of space. Putting each subtopic or research question on a different tile helps kids to keep their information organized. 

  1. Emotions Check In

Jamboard is also a great tool to see how your students are feeling. Each student adds a post it note to this Jamboard and writes their name (or number if you want to keep it anonymous) on it. Then they drag their post it note next to the emotion that best describes how they are feeling. I included Happy, Sad, Nervous, and Angry on mine. 

  1. Would You Rather

Jamboard is also a great community building tool. It is fun to use a “Would you Rather” slide at the beginning of a Google Meet or Zoom meeting. Students can all add a post it note with their name on it to this Jamboard. Then they drag and drop their post it note next to the thing that they prefer. 


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Have a sweet week!

These four free Jamboard templates for teachers are perfect for the upper elementary classroom. Learn about simple ways to incorporate Jamboard in your classroom today. These jamboard ideas for elementary are fun community building activities, research and reflection tools. These templates are ideal for teachers in a virtual, hybrid or socially distanced setting. Perfect for grade 4 and grade 5 classrooms. Your 5th and 4th grade students will love these simple digital activities. #4th #5th

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